Divorce Consultation Checklist: Most Important Topics Worth Noting

Any divorce, even the most amicable of cases, can quickly get complicated mostly because of the emotional strain associated with the process. It, therefore, is beneficial to keep a clear head when trying to find and consult a good family and divorce lawyer. It is only through the help of an experienced attorney that you can navigate the troubling waters and emerge unscathed.

As you plan for the divorce consultation with the lawyer, you should come up with a list of topics that you want to discuss. The checklist will also be a reminder to ensure you do not forget anything. Feel free to speak up and ask questions that you feel are pertinent to your case and remember to take notes during the meeting. In light of this, below is a breakdown of some of the topics to have in your divorce consultation checklist.

Divorce Proceedings

The lawyer will want you to give full details of your situation so that he or she can be in better position to provide insights as to what you can expect. However, the first objective on your part is to try to fully understand how the legal divorce process works in your state. Find out as much as you can about every step you will take, the various procedures to follow even when filling your case in court.

Dividing Assets

When splitting up, there will be the issue of know who is entitled to what when dividing the assets. Different states have different guidelines regarding the sharing of marital assets. It may seem like a straightforward thing in many instances, but it can turn into a sticky situation where the assets in question are more than just a home and a few cars. As such, you should list down the all the assets, from vehicles and properties to businesses, stocks, and bonds so that the divorce attorney can help you know which you are entitled to and which you will have to co-share.

Alimony Issues

The law stipulates the issues related to alimony with different states have varied rules for the amount awarded to a spouse if found to be eligible to receive the alimony. In most cases, the length of the marriage will be a significant factor and not excluding the roles of each party in their marriage with matters of income and household roles considered. Do as much as you can to know how alimony works to your situation even if you are not planning to seek alimony.

Child Custody

Child custody more often than not a very contentious issue during a divorce and thus you need a family law attorney with years of experience in handling and winning child custody cases. Most spouses can never agree about the custody of the child or children let alone visitation arrangements. You need to find out as much as you can about the options available and the steps you will take.

Discuss the custody with your divorce lawyer covering all factors related to taking care of the children and meeting their needs. Who lives closest to the children’s school, which parent caters to the children’s health insurance, how do the children relate to the extended family from the side of either parent’s? These are vital issues that your attorney will take into account when helping young understand your options regarding child custody.

Other issues worth noting when coming up with your columbus ohio divorce lawyers free consultation checklist include taxes, outstanding shared debts, and liabilities among others depending on the specifics of your divorce situation.

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